Potato salad

This recipe would be an all round favourite in our family. It is a returning contributer to our christmas lunch every year. It’s also a great salad to take to any BBQ. We keep any leftovers in the fridge for about 2-3 days.


3 large potatoes (900g), chopped coarsely (about 2-3cm pieces)

2 bacon choppers, chopped

3 hard boiled eggs, quartered

1 trimmed celery stick (75g), chopped finely

1/4 cup mayonnaise (we use norganic soya mayonnaise)

1/4 cup sour cream

2 tablespoons French dressing

1 teaspoon seeded mustard


Boil, steam or microwave potato until just tender; drain. Rinse potato under cold water to stop further cooking; drain.

Meanwhile, cook bacon in medium dry frying pan or until crisp; drain on paper towel.

Combine potato, bacon, egg, celery, onion and pickle in large bowl; mix gently. Stir in combined mayonnaise, cream, dressing and mustard; toss gently to combine.

Serves 4

I usually double the quantities to make sure we get to enjoy leftovers. Hope you enjoy as much as my family does.image


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