A great home remedy!!

Who would have thought that olive oil could be so helpful outside of the kitchen, certainly not me until it was brought to my attention by a lovely lady called Maree who runs the local fruit and vegetable shop in our country town. Maree noticed a bump my 18 month old had on her head (as most toddlers do) and said ‘have you ever tried putting olive oil directly on a bump like that as soon as it happens?’Of course I said ‘no’, and she said ‘next time one of your little ones has a bump on the head or jams a finger try putting some olive oil on the area affected. Maree learned about this home remedy from her Great Grandmother.
Fortunately the next casualty in our household was myself, kicking my toe, and fortunately again I remembered the suggestion of the olive oil home remedy, so who better to test it out on then myself. Guess what? It worked the pain eased instantly it was amazing!! From then on and still to this day if one of my little one’s or anyone I know bumps their head, stubs a toe or jams a finger (pretty much anything that causes bruising and doesn’t break the skin) I apply olive oil to it. It saves a lot of tears in my house. Seriously give it a go!! It would be one of the best pieces of advice I have had someone share with me. Thanks Maree.


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