Mars Bar Slice


This is an old favourite from my later years at high school. It was my gorgeous Aunty Gail who first made and introduced me to it. Every time Aunty Gail comes up to visit us she always has a yummy sweet recipe to share. If you enjoy chocolate this recipe will never grow old.

3 x 65g Mars Bars, chopped
90g butter
3 cups Rice Bubbles
200g milk chocolate, chopped
30g butter

Grease a 19 x 29 cm lamington pan.
Combine Mars Bars and butter in large saucepan, stir constantly over low heat without boiling until mixture is smooth; stir in Rice Bubbles. Press mixture evenly into prepared pan, spread with topping. Refrigerate until set befor cutting.

TOPPING: Melt chocolate and butter in pan over hot water; stir until smooth.


One thought on “Mars Bar Slice

  1. This looks amazing Dannielle. I used to make this in Food Tech at school, and had completely forgotten about it until now. I might have to try it soon.

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