Roast Pork With Apples and Cider

I love a good roast but unfortunately I don’t cook them often enough, I think it’s about time I started.
I found this recipe at, I tried it out on Tuesday night and its a ripper!!! The flavours are fantastic. If you’re a gravy/sauce fan then this recipe is definitely for you. Weekends are a great time for a roast, you can then take any leftovers to work on Monday,YUM!!!!!
I served the pork with some roast vegetables. This recipe will most certainly get a repeat visit to Zamama’s oven.
Here is the link to a great roast!!!!
Oh and don’t forget the crackling!!!!! How dare I overlook such an important component, with roast pork you get crackling!!!


One thought on “Roast Pork With Apples and Cider

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