The BIG girl’s bed has arrived!!!

The big girl’s bed is here!!!! As you can see ZalittleAlani’s bedroom was looking quite a sight!!! In fact the position the cot is in is exactly where Alani slept last night. I think the only one who was bothered by this was me – she happily slept all night. You see Zadada decided to put the bed together last night but I was late home from work and appointments so I didn’t get to pretty it up until today. Anyway on with the show.
Alani is sleeping as I type, in her big bed of course as it is all set up and ready for sleeping in. Sadly the cot is all packed up ready to hand on to a new owner. This is quite the milestone for Zadada and I as our baby days are now officially over. Zadada and I feel very blessed with our 3 healthy children and I think sometimes it’s best to quit while your ahead, that said I know 3 children is my magic number. I always said I would love 2 or 3 children and when we only had the 2 I knew I wasn’t done, I’m quite sure Zadada would agree!!! When we had our beautiful,magic, baby number 3, Alani I felt completely fulfilled and satisfied but that doesn’t stop us from feeling a little sad that we no longer have a little baby. To all those new mums and dads out there, enjoy every single one of those koala snuggles from your newborns and little one’s the time just goes way too quick!!
Thank goodness for photo’s like this one.

I will try not to get too sentimental but it is a milestone to savour. I know we have loads more milestones ahead and I think that’s what keeps us all moving forward and enjoying every moment.
Some pictures from my mornings work!!

Trust me, this is the only room looking this tidy in the house and by 4pm it will match the rest of the house!!!

Then we have the happy new bed owner Alani ready for nap time.


Success!!! Yay!!!


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