Decorating Thongs with Mod Podge

I have recently discovered Mod Podge and I am loving what it can do. The first project I made with it was a set of tile coasters check them out here.
My second project is this one decorated thongs. Zakidlets and I got to work one day during the school holidays and we had lots of fun. We all decorated ourselves a pair of thongs except for Alani, she decorated a plate as I was unable to find her a pair of thongs suitable in her size.



We started by cutting 1cm width strips of fabric.
Next we coated the back side of fabric with mod Podge and then you just start wrapping being careful to just overlap the fabric as you wrap it around the strap of the thong.
We started in the middle of the thong strap and worked our way out which meant at least 2 strips depending on size of thongs and length of fabric you have to work with.

If you need to, put a little Mod Podge on the top of thong strap to help fabric adhere a little better but don’t over do it.
Once you have covered entire strap with fabric let dry for about 20 minutes then apply another light coat of Mod Podge just on the top side of decorated thong strap.
Again let completely dry.
Once dry, use a plastic bag to cover the base of thong as shown in picture below and spray fabric coating with a single coat of clear gloss spray this will help to preserve and waterproof the fabric.

Let the thongs completely dry, this may take a few hours or over night.
Before you know it your thongs will be ready to parade around for everyone to see.
As you can see we had a great time doing this activity.
Mod Podge is non-toxic and it dries clear so is very user-friendly.
I purchased the Mod Podge from my local craft shop Jabiru.
Have fun.





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