Easy way to clean a ceiling fan

I would much rather bake then clean!!! But the reality is the house in general doesn’t have a magic self cleaning button (I think it should!!) so anything that makes any type of cleaning easier gets a big tick from me.
Today I thought I would share how I clean my ceiling fans.
Before you look at the picture below be warned it has been quite some time since I have cleaned my fans (hopefully they don’t scare you), it’s not a job I put high on the list of cleaning, regardless it is a job that has been calling out to me for about 6 months!!! Finally I have got around to it!!
You will need:
1 old pillow case lightly dampened with water, you don’t want it dripping.
Identify the target

Slide pillow case completely onto the blade of fan.

Slide pillow case along fan being careful to make sure pillow slip is in position to catch any of the dust and grime that drops.

You may need to repeat the process a couple of times.
The end result is a nice clean fan…..

…..as well as a nice dirty pillow case, which is easily sorted in the wash ready for its next victim ceiling fan.

Happy cleaning!!!!


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