It’s time to sleep Book and DVD

This DVD and book ‘It’s time to sleep’ by Maree Viotto was an essential item that helped ZaDada and I keep our marbles when it came to comforting and aiding Zakidlets to sleep when they were babies.
When we had our first baby Blake 8 years ago, like most 1st time parents we were flying blind he wasn’t a terribly unsettled baby but around 4 months his sleep patterns became a little more challenging. We had lots of people happy to give us advice, we took on board everything suggested to us but sometimes advice coming from all different directions can get a little overwhelming.
I found this DVD and Book online one day when Blake was about 6 months old. This system does use a controlled comforting technique for 6-12 month olds and I understand it’s not for everyone. For those who are interested in getting there babies and toddlers to sleep independently through the night then this DVD and book may be of some interest to you.
ZaDada and I wish we had of known about this DVD from the very beginning, regardless we have certainly made good use of it with all 3 of our children.
It’s time to sleep –
* will show you how to settle babies newborn – 6 months
* will show you controlled comforting techniques 6 – 12 months
* will show you how to get the older toddler to stay in their bed 1- 3 years
I love that the DVD shows you hands on how to put everything into play, you’re not just reading a book, you also get to see the instructions and advice accurately demonstrated.
I can say honestly that this made a positive difference to all 3 of our babies sleep routines.
If you have hit a bit of a wall with sleep routines then I hope this little package may bring you and your partner some comfort and perhaps a little extra sleep.
Sweet dreams.


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