A fun family outing

Last weekend  we had our local Agricultural show. It’s certainly not something to compare with the Brisbane Ekka or Sydney Royal Easter show but it is special to our little family and always proves to be a lovely little social outing, we always find ourselves catching up with other local friends we don’t get to see on a regular basis.
The show only runs for 2 days Friday and Saturday, we generally choose to go out on the Saturday afternoon. This gives us enough time to have a walk around the exhibitions, let the kids have a ride or 2, have a chat here and there and grab a bite to eat before waiting for the show finale fireworks!!!

This year there was a new visitor to the show, a lovely ferris wheel which certainly attracted lots of attention.


Of course there were the stock standard attractions.


Alani and Ella enjoyed a ride on the elephant merry-go-round.


On display was some very old farming equipment, this bulldozer being one of them.


Blake was quite proud of himself this year as he had reached the height required to drive a dodgem car all by himself, even if he did drive backwards a few times, a big thankyou to the ride assistant that got him back on track each time.


Ella and Blake both loved the harnessed trampolines at the show, as you can see by the look on Ella’s face, although when the lady offered to show Ella how to do a backflip, she politely declined the offer and continued with her conservative bouncing routine she felt comfortable with. Blake on the other hand was more than happy to be shown how to do backflips and successfully achieved doing them, there was no holding him back.


The Trot races are always fun to watch.


As you can see Alani  (Miss Independence) very much enjoyed her train ride. I love this picture.


I am not a vegetarian but I do like to enjoy food from all walks of life including vegetarian food. I was far from disappointed with the generous plate of food I received from this little food stall. I think I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture to share with you all. Zadada made a choice earlier in the afternoon to stick with show tradition and have himself a dagwood dog!!! I think about half an hour after consuming it he regretted his decision, but isn’t that what eating dagwood dog’s is all about!!! ha ha ha and I failed to get a picture of that too.

Finally it was time for the fireworks and they more then delivered, quite the spectacle. We had 2 out of 3 children enjoy the fireworks, poor little Alani is still very scared of them but I’m sure she’ll grow out of her fear soon enough just as the older 2 have.

So there you have it, a summary of our little family outing.
The kids now have another 12 whole months to wait for the next show to roll around.
It’s funny how when you are a child you value things differently to when you are an adult. On the way in to the show I asked the kids if they had a choice between going to Noosa heads for the weekend or spending the afternoon at the show they looked at me like I had 2 heads, their reply of course was, “The Show”!!!!


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