A birthday cake for ZaBrother

Zabrother Brad celebrated his birthday this week and Zagorgeous Aimee baked a delicious chocolate cake for him. It just so happened that she used a double mixture of Nanna Mac’s moist chocolate cake recipe. I must say this sentimental recipe delivers the goods everytime. It’s a really easy and delicious cake to make.
Aimee did an awesome job and we all thoroughly enjoyed eating our serves of birthday cake as well as getting to take some leftover slices home yummmmmy!!!!

Hope you had a fantastic pre-birthday celebration Brad!!! And Aimee I love that I have found another beautiful friend that shares the same passion for baking that I do, thanks for sharing your pictures.
Love you both



Beautiful Butterfly Birthday Cake and Pretty Butterfly Fairy bread

This beautiful butterfly birthday cake was made by ZaBeautiful cousin Adele for her gorgeous little 7-year-old Zara. I think it’s just perfect for a sweet little girl’s birthday!!! In keeping in theme with butterfly’s Adele also made this pretty butterfly fairy bread!!

Adele also informed me that she had an amazing helper in the kitchen and that would be her beautiful Mum (My Aunty Gail) she is extremely qualified in the kitchen and many other area’s too, always having a handy tip or new recipe to share. She has a very special place in my heart.
Beautiful work ladies!!!!

Baby In Basket Birthday Cake



So here is another birthday cake I made recently for our baby of the family who turned 2. Inspired by the woman’s weekly children’s birthday cake book version I decided to make the baby in the basket cake.
I didn’t think the original cake quantities would be enough to feed our family as well as our extended family. A friend suggested making the cake in a larger Pyrex baking dish and that’s exactly what I did. I made a double batch of the butter cake recipe and did a few variations ie I used a larger doll, flat lace (as I couldn’t get my hands on the frilled variety), and I made a double batch of Vienna cream icing. All in all I was happy with the end result and I would have to say it is one of the easier, less time consuming cakes I have made for the kids. Winner all round.